BCAAs (unflavoured) - 1 kg
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BCAAs (unflavoured) - 1 kg

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Supplementing with Instantized BCAA powder can allow greater rates of protein synthesis and delayed fatigue since most hard training athletes' bodies are deficient in branched chain amino acids. When the body undergoes physical stress, BCAAs can be used as an alternate fuel source to fuel protein synthesis and delay fatigue.

How does it work?

BCAAs are known as essential amino acids, due to the fact that the body needs them, but cannot synthesize them naturally. Because of this, they have to come in the form of supplements, beverages, or whole foods. Each of the amino acids making up BCAAs however, functions in a different way. Leucine for example, is considered a potent muscle building amino acid, due to the fact that this is actually the only protein that has been found to contribute directly to protein synthesis. Because of this, post-workout recovery heavily relies on this amino acid. On top of that however, it also contributes towards the production of sterols, which are essential for the formation of steroidal hormones such as HGH or Testosterone, which also help build muscle. Isoleucine plays a vital role in the utilization and mobilization of fat, in which it helps to body convert it into energy. Valine however, is considered most useful for energy production purposes as it can easily be broken down and converted into glycogen, which can then be used for energy. Combine the three together, and you have a pretty awesome muscle-building supplement.

1 kg

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