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  • Dixie Midnight No-Sweat Vent Pad Saddle Pad Black
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Dixie Midnight

Dixie Midnight No-Sweat Vent Pad

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The Dixie Midnight No-Sweat vent pad positively keeps your saddle pad clean and dry and your horse's back cooler. No matter how much or how hard you ride.
For as long as you own it, or your money back. You only buy it ONCE. It doesn't wear out.

How to measure The Dixie Midnight No-Sweat vent pad:

There are THOUSANDS of saddle pads, and thousands of sizes. No-Sweat vent pads fit every one of them. The way to get the right sized No-Sweat is to MEASURE your saddle pad, then get the No-Sweat that is one size LARGER than your saddle pad measurements.

Here's how to measure:

Open up and lay your saddle pad out on a flat surface. Flatten your saddle pad out the best you can. LENGTH is from pommel to cantle. WIDTH is from stirrup-to-stirrup at the WIDEST point.

Use a tape measure, yardstick, fabric tape, folding rule or ruler to get the width and length of the ENTIRE saddle pad.

If you have long flaps on your saddle pad, like some Dressage, English, Endurance and Police saddle pads, the WIDTH of your saddle pad INCLUDES the entire flap, both right AND left sides, from one end of it to the other, at its LONGEST point.

No-Sweats are non-biased, and non-directional. There is no "right" way to place it upon your horse. If your saddle pad measures such that turning the No-Sweat sideways gives you the right measurements, then THAT's the right size for you!

TRIMMING your new No-Sweat vent pad: If you'd like your new No-Sweat to conform to your saddle pad, simply trim the No-Sweat to the shape you'd like by just using sharp scissors. That's it! A custom fit!!

EXAMPLE: If your saddle pad measures 28" long x 32" wide, Model OS-101, 30"x36" is the size you need; if your saddle pad WITH FLAPS measures 29" long x 44" wide, Model OS-107, 36"x46" is the size you need.

NOTE: For maximum cooling for your horse's back, ALWAYS ALLOW FOR AT LEAST ONE-INCH of the No-Sweat vent pad to peek out from under your saddle pad all the way around your saddle pad.

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I love this pad and am so glad I got one. Great customer service and prompt delivery!