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  • The Tellington TTouch for Happier, Healthier Dogs - DVD Dog Care and Training Cadet Blue
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Linda Tellington-Jones, PhD (H)

The Tellington TTouch for Happier, Healthier Dogs - DVD

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Would you like to have a closer relationship with your dog? Would you like to help it overcome behavior or health problems? This fascinating, informative program introduces you to the Tellington TTouch, a magical method for healing and communicating with your favorite dog.

As Linda Tellington-Jones works with ten dogs at a four-day clinic, you'll see how the dogs learned and changed. Then Linda's sister Robyn Hood clearly demonstrates how to do the circular touches, lifts, and other techniques of the Tellington TTouch. You can sit in front of the TV with a dog and practice, using this section!

Some situations which the Tellington TTouch often helps:


Fear of loud noises

Fear of being alone

Injury and accidents

Toenail trimming

Fear biting

Visiting the veterinarian

Arthritis and hip dysplasia



Gait problems