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  • EasyShoe Compete Hoof Care Tan
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EasyShoe Compete

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The EasyShoe Compete is a thin-webbed shoe for use on the track or on turf. The internal metal spine allows for maximum adjustment to a wide variety of hoof shapes and sizes.

The EasyShoe Compete offers vertical flexion to allow the heels to move independently.  Lateral flexion allows the hoof to expand and contract with every footfall.  

The EasyShoe Compete has an open to to allow shoe placement for optimal breakover with a integrated metal spine for shaping and strength.

EasyShoe Compete Application Tools Needed:

Equi-Thane Adhere, Glue Dispensing Gun, Mixing Tips, Plastic WrapHoof Buffy with AttachmentHoof Buffy Refill

EasyShoe Compete Application Videos:

EasyShoe Compete Hoof Prep: Tips and Tricks Video

EasyShoe Compete Application with Vettec Adhere Video

EasyShoe Compete How to Remove Video

EasyShoe Compete PDF Application Guide:

EasyShoe Compete PDF Application Guide Here


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