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EasyShoe Versa

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Hoof Pattern

The EasyShoe Versa combines options with affordability. It is the most advanced nail-on urethane horse shoe and has a long list of features with an attractive price point.

New in 2020. The EasyShoe Versa is a hybrid nail-on shoe that features the concussion absorption powers of polyurethane and an internal steel insert. The steel insert gives the shoe more stability in the front portion and offers a stopping point when driving nails. The steel insert is located in the toe area and continues to the widest part of the hoof. This positioning allows the rear portion of the hoof the ability to flex with each footfall. The Versa offers incredible versatility for distance rides, trail horses, and horses working on hard surfaces. The wide web design also makes the Versa ideal for therapy cases. Holds pour-in packing very well.

The EasyShoe Versa line can be applied with nails, glue or casting. The nailing slots and clear material make nail placement straight forward and are extremely beneficial for achieving an accurate installation.

The EasyShoe Versa has a much more traditional metal clip that is easy to shape. The clips are less bulky and fashioned after traditional iron shoes.

Unlike traditional steel or aluminum shoes, no hammer is used to shape the shoe. Simply trace the hoof on the shoe and remove the excess material, as shown in the Versa Application Guide and Video.

The Versa is available in two versions: Front or Hind pattern

*Sold in Pairs*

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EasyCare Versa Grip Shoe

I’ve had the best customer service with Horse Gear Canada. Sarah Chambers knows her products and was very helpful with my shoe purchases. The company’s shipping time is amazing - they use the fastest carrier at the best price. Thank you!