Generation 2 Prebiotic/Probiotic Supplement - Horse Gear Canada
Generation 2 Prebiotic/Probiotic Supplement - Horse Gear Canada
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Generation 2 Prebiotic/Probiotic Supplement

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A probiotic supplement helps re-populate the beneficial micro flora normally found in the digestive tract. There are billions of microbes (gut bacteria) in healthy digestive tracts which are continually replenished as a horse grazes on grass14 hours/day. Penned horses or those engaged in competitive activities have a difficult time accessing sufficient levels of naturally occurring probiotics. High levels of beneficial gut microbes are important for nutrient uptake and are also key players in strong immune function, hormone regulation, maintenance of proper gut pH levels, protein and vitamin synthesis, water/electrolyte absorption and hind gut fermentation, which provides 80% of a horses energy.

Dry granular supplement for top dressing on feed. It contains higher levels of BioSaf SC47 yeast than the paste and assists in maintaining healthier hind gut pH levels. Maintenance dose is 2 scoops /day total. - giving less does not deliver sufficient quantities to the hind gut. Use for maintenance on horses difficult to keep weight on due to age or health conditions, horses in training or competition and breeding stock. This supplement can be mixed into dry or wet feed JUST PRIOR TO FEEDING. Do not mix into wet rations ahead of time. If exposed to moisture for a period of time the live yeast will germinate in the bucket instead of in the horses gut! Introduce slowly over a few days so the horse gets used to the taste. It is normally well liked by most horses.

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