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Happ-E Mare

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Is this your Mare?
Anxious, stressed, muscle sore, loss of focus, can’t settle down, difficult to ride, always in heat, irritable?   A tasty, all natural blend to keep your mare calm and relaxed throughout her reproductive cycles. Certified free of herbicides, pesticides, lead, drugs, toxins. Certified free of Salmonella, Listeria, E. Coli.
Your Mare deserves the best!  A great tasting supplement for your mare – you will have no troubles feeding this product. Unique Combinations Of:

1.Herbs- Eleuthro, ashwagandha, chastetree berry, USDA certified organic raspberry leaf, ginger, oregano, spirulina, chia, Boswellia, arginine, MSM.

2.Added Vitamins to help mares
 Vitamin B6 – 2mg a dose
 Vitamin E – 2024 IU a dose

Tested low sugar, low carb (March 2018)– at Equi-Analytical labs:

WSC= 2.3

ESC= 2.0

Starch= .2

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