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Heiro for Horses - for Insulin
Heiro for Horses - for Insulin
Heiro for Horses - for Insulin
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Heiro for Horses - for Insulin

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 Is this your horse?... Chronic sore feet, rotation on x-ray, Can’t be on pasture, cresty neck, on Cushing’s meds but still foot sore, stays large on little food, painful on hard ground, and Founder history. The answer is to use the veterinarian-developed, 100% all natural supplement using high quality, top-rated USDA certified organic herbs to help safely and naturally combat elevated Insulin.

What is in HEIRO? There is a proprietary great tasting herbal blend exclusive to HEIRO containing fenugreek, ocean kelp, blue-green spirulina algae, cinnamon, ginger, willow, peppermint, milk thistle, alfalfa, Vitamin E concentrate, and Magnesium Oxide Mineral.

There are no fillers, no artificial colors, preservatives, melamine, pesticides or drugs. This is a great combination and concentrations of organicals to make horses more comfortable and help them get back on grass pasture. The amount of each herb, the part of the plant used to make the herb along with the unique blending process to bring the herbs into a combination with vitamin E and Magnesium.

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Customer Reviews

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Nini Larsen
Excellent service

Order was processed fast and sent out in no time. Great service.

Heiro Supplement for Horses

This product is amazing! It takes time to see results but it has saved my horse from IR pain, weight gain and founder. She is back on grass and her weight is great. Cresty neck and fat pockets all gone. It took a year for her to get back to normal as she was really bad when I started Heiro. I was seriously considering putting her down when I found Heiro online. She was suffering so much with all over body pain and chronic founder. I even bought 4 Easy Boots for her with gel pads to give her some comfort. The vet prescribed Metformin. Which did help but was not the cure for the root problem. She does not like to eat it in her grain so I mix it in plain yogurt and syringe it in orally once a day. She loves that!

Rita Susgin

The pony who normally eats any supplements wouldn’t touch the heiro. I mix it with apple sauce and give it to her orally. It’s only been 5 days so I have seen any results but look forward optimistically. Rita and Rain

Janet Zizian

Glad to get this product from a Canadian distributor. Fast service. I think it helps my IR mare. Would give 5 stars except my fussier gelding is reluctant to eat it so have to use a syringe. Love the detailed info on IR on Heiro manufacturer's site.

Ambyr Cooper
Awesome service. Quick shipping

Thank you.