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  • Equi-Essentials Glitter Jelly Scrubber Grooming Tool Maroon
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Equi-Essentials Glitter Jelly Scrubber

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Glitter Jelly Scrubbers - Fun and Useful Grooming Tool
Massage and clean your pony with this super supple jelly scrubber. There are two sides - fine and course for different parts of your pony. The fine is great for the head, legs and belly while the course works well on the body. They work great for shedding them out too.

Hands fit easily into the center and there's a loop on the scrubber to hang it up on. Pick your favorite color - glitter on the scrubbers adds to the fun.

Size: 6" x 4.5"

Colors: Blue Glitter, Pink Glitter & Purple Glitter