Equine Mosquito MITT
Equine Mosquito MITT
Equine Mosquito MITT

Equine Mosquito MITT

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The safety applicator glove system and method! This multi-use applicator system allows the user to safely apply dozens of different sprays or lotions, which saves time, money and keeps the user's hand clean. MITT reseals into its own pouch using a sliding closing. 

Many uses...and each MITT can be labeled on the outside to identify its use...

* for bug spray

* for suntan lotion

* for furniture polish

* for car detailing

* for medical use

* for law enforcement (both collecting and containing evidence)

* the possibilities are endless!

Safe, effective and economical way to apply lotions, sprays, and cleaning products to any surface. First developed to apply bug spray to children/adults WITHOUT having to spray it directly on them.

Washable, reusable, eco-friendly, self-contained, keeps users hand clean, use multiple market segments, medical cleanup, first responder use, can be made to be disposable. Outer protective gauntlet can be written on to identify the product on the MITT. Your family could have several MITTs for different application around the home.

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