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Premier Equine Rehydrant Spray

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Premier Color Intensifying Natural Botanical Spray Excellent for dry climates!! Premier Natural Botanical Spray can be used daily, but especially whenever you bathe or brush your horse. It's a botanical rehydrant spray that does not coat your horse's skin or hair with wax, petroleum by-products, silicone or synthetic polymers. Premier Spray was developed specifically to bind moisture captured from the air to the coat over a 24 hour period. It is not slippery and does not attract dirt or dust. If the coat is not covered with silicones, waxes, or synthetic polymers, moisture goes through the hair to the skin, and the skin respirates as it should. Shines and moisturizes coat - Enhances color - Minimizes dry skin conditions - Repels dust & dirt - Detangles mane and tail - Non-Toxic - Non-Slip - Can be used on the saddle area

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