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  • Black Cohosh Root Cut & Sifted Horse Nutritional Supplements Dim Gray
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Black Cohosh Root Cut & Sifted

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Black Cohosh is a woodland perennial with deeply toothed compound leaves and racemes of pungent cream flowers in the summer. The large, creeping, knotting rootstock, scarred with the remains of old growth, produces a stem up to 9 feet high. The leaves are ternate; the leaflets are ovate or oblong and are irregularly toothed and cut. Small, white, fetid flowers grow in long racemes from May to August.

Botanical Name: Cimicifuga racemosa

Medicinal Part: Root, rhizome

*Safety Guidelines: Should not to be used during pregnancy or while nursing*

Grade:  Food Grade, Certificate of Analysis available upon request

*Sold in 1lb Container*