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Slow Feeding Benefits for Animals

•Better for digestion as it slows down the amount animals can consume PER MINUTE but is FREE CHOICE and prevents bloat and colic.

•Simulates grazing helping to release endorphins from chewing, which keeps hind gut bacterial flora happy and healthy.

•Obese horses will eat less but still have access to food all day.
•Alleviates the boredom and STRESS that can lead to ulcers, colic in horses, bloat in ruminants AND stops wood chewing, manure eating, etc.
•No more bullying in the herd at feeding time. Calmer animals = happier herds!
•Slow feeding regulates insulin levels for horses with metabolic syndrome.
•Helps prevent choke in horses.

Trailer Bag: 1-2 flakes
Small Bag: less than 1 flake of hay
Medium Bag: 4-6 flakes
Large Bag: 8-10 flakes or a small 50 lb bale

Bale Bag: This bale bag fits up to a 90 lb bale and is the BEST CHOICE for offering TRUE Free Choice slow feeding for all animals.

Small Round Bale Bag: Fits round bales are 4'x4' or smaller. The Small Round Bale Bag WILL NOT fit bales that are 5'x5'. 

The Large Round Bale Bag will fit up to a 6'x6' foot bale, as well as smaller bales such as 5'x5' bales. 

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