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  • Ice O Poultice Leg Care Light Gray
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Ice O Poultice

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Ice-O-Poultice reduces swelling and inflammation of swollen leg muscles. It also helps moisturize and draw fever from the legs, hocks, ankles, knees, and pasterns. This is easily used by inexperienced equine care givers. Ice-O-Poultice can be used:

  • for temporary relief of sore, tender hooves
  • as an anti-inflammatory
  • to draw fever or heat from injury
  • daily over an extended period of time
  • for difficult to bandage areas like the hock, pastern, knee, & stifle

Our poultice washes off with minimal effort and stays moist longer. Horses can be turned out to the pasture with poultice applied yet no bandage.

Hawthorne’s Ice-O-Poultice, a cooling cataplasm clay-like product, is available in 10 lb, 23 lb, & 50 lb containers. This non-irritating topical product is great when heat liniments can’t be used and is perfect for fresh injuries that become hot or may become hot. We use our poultice daily, after working or racing several of our horses, to draw out the heat. For injuries, our anti-inflammatory medication is applied daily over an extended period of time. If swelling and heat does not subside in 7 – 10 days, please consult a veterinarian or consider a different approach to the injury.

This poultice moisturizes and provides relief to swollen, sore and inflamed legs and muscles. This product is safe to use on all horses including miniatures, performance, pleasure, and draft horses. It is also safe to use on donkeys, camels, cow, goats, alpaca, and lamas and other large animals.

4.54 kg (10 lb)