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Scoot Mud Straps
Scoot Mud Straps
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Scoot Mud Straps

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What is the purpose of the Mud Strap

The Mud Strap has two purposes; firstly, it provides ultimate security when riding in extreme riding conditions. Secondly, the Mud Strap can be used to assist hard-to-fit hooves. For example, if your horse is in-between sizes, the Mud Strap can be fitted to the larger sized Scoot Boot and still have security. However, it is important that you have the correctly sized Mud Strap. The Mud Strap can also be used to obtain a more secure fit if your horse has very sensitive soles and requires Scoot Pads and consequently needs a larger sized Scoot Boot.

What is included in the Mud Strap

2 mud straps and 2 mud strap collars

How do you secure the Mud Strap

Click Here to view a demonstration

How do I modify the Mud Strap

Click HERE to view a demonstration on how to heat stretch the Mud Strap if you find it's too tight

What size mud straps do I need?

Note -As there are so many variables to the size of a horses upper hoof, you may find the Mud Straps are a size too small. If this is the situation, you can easily extend the length 10mm (3/8") which will be the length of the next size up. Do this by heat stretching.
If you have any queries about fit you can send your pics of a fitted strap to for advice.

Perfect fit - you will achieve maximum retention?

Too big - if the Mud Strap can be pulled down to comfortably reach the coronet band, then your Mud Strap is a size too big and will pull off the hoof with minimum pressure.

Too small - if you cannot slip a finger comfortably around the periphery of the Mud Strap, then the Mud Strap is a size too small and will likely cause rubbing.

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