Skin Lotion for Horses
Skin Lotion for Horses
Skin Lotion for Horses
Skin Lotion for Horses

Skin Lotion for Horses

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This is the best skin condition and ailment treatment on the market. Your search ends here.

Equiderma Leave-On Skin Lotion is our flagship product and beloved by customers throughout the world.

It works when nothing else does and like all Equiderma products, it comes with a 100% customer happiness guarantee. Next time a customer is experiencing a tough skin issue, direct them to Equiderma Skin Lotion. We promise they’ll be glad you did.

Why Equiderma Skin Lotion?

  • Recommended by veterinarians worldwide with unparalleled success.
  • Scented with Lavender Essential Oil - every horse’s aromatherapy favorite.
  • Almost effortless treatment to conquer most skin problems.

Guaranteed to:

  • Remove Cannon Bone Keratosis in one treatment.
  • Eliminate Rain Rot in three treatments or less.
  • Remove Mallenders / Sallenders build-up in three treatments while healing and underlying bacterial infections.
  • Calm the welts and itching of insect bites / sweet itch.
  • Stops mane & tail itching and rubbing.
  • Heals even the most stubborn cases of scratches.
  • Helps to relieve the itching of Neck Threadworm.
  • Works great on mystery hair loss and general skin abnormalities of unknown origin.


These products are the best we have ever used! Not only are most organic and natural, but the shine they produce on the horses coats and effectiveness of all the products is second to none! We had two horses with long standing skin issues- one with hives and one with hair loss on the mane and tail. After trying everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, Equiderma worked immediately!

Shannon & Steffen Peters

U.S. Olympic Dressage Champion & Trainers

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Silvy Godon
A good product

Help my horse’s skin, to not enlarge the problem