Welcoming Sensation Ride™ to the HGC Family!

Welcoming Sensation Ride™ to the HGC Family!

Sarah Chambers is now the proud owner of Canadian saddle making company Sensation Ride™. Purchased from Nickers Saddlery as Dana Johnsen retires, Sensation Ride has been offering high quality, 100% hand-made in Canada saddles to horse riders around the world for over 20 years.

The reputation of Sensation Ride, the only treeless saddle manufacturer in Canada, speaks for itself and Sarah is thrilled to be able to continue offering customers these amazing saddles, and their top-notch accessories. Our goal for Sensation Ride in the future is to ensure that high product quality and customer experience remain top priorities and to maintain the well-deserved reputation.

The Sensation Ride™ treeless is the world's only treeless saddle that uses a multi-point array weight distribution system. This means that your weight as a rider will be distributed over the largest possible area of your horse's back, without using hard materials. Go ahead and rise to the trot, 2 point and take that jump! They have been ergonomically designed to permit the rider a close contact, balanced (yet customizable) seat using medical grade foams, high grade custom felts, wool and leather. The Sensation saddles will mold to you and your horse. No hard parts in our saddles! The saddle will form fit to you like a fine leather shoe. This allows you to feel your horse and be more in tune as a rider.

We are looking forward to getting manufacturing up and running here in Alberta. Our vision is to expand production to make Sensation Ride saddles and accessories more readily available to horses and riders around the world.

Visit Sensation Ride now to check out these incredible saddles. Your horse, and your body, will thank you!



When i will be able to purchase a new sensation treeless saddle?

Sonia Lessard

Hi! Can you tell me when you will be selling Sensation Saddles?

Collaeyn Hazen

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