EasyShoe Versa - Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Versa sized?

The Versa comes in sizes that correspond to the widest part of the horse's hoof. Each Versa shoe is 4mm different in size. Quickly measure a horse’s hoof at the widest point and order a shoe that is slightly larger than the hoof measurement. For example, if your horses hoof measures 132mm at the widest point order a 134mm Versa.

Are the shoes Front Pattern and Hind Pattern specific?

Yes. The Versa comes in front and hind patterns. The front and hind patterns allow for a better fit without modification.

How is the EasyShoe Versa applied?

The EasyShoe Versa line can be applied with nails, glue or casting.

What size nail and style nail do you recommend for application?

E4 Slim for sizes (114-134) E5 Slim sizes for sizes (138-154).

How should the nails be applied?

Even though this is a non-traditional shoe, its application is traditional. The nail holes may appear perpendicular to the correct orientation of the nail, but there is no need to apply the nails any differently from a traditional, steel or aluminum shoe. 

How is the shoe shaped?

The EasyShoe Versa is not shaped by traditional means. The hoof shape is traced on the shoe and excess material is cut or sanded away for an exact fit. The EasyShoe Versa can be narrowed with a hammer or opened with a shoe spreader. Although the shoe can be shaped, we anticipate most farriers will simply drop it on and shave away excess urethane material. There are only 4mm between each shoe size, which makes urethane removal quick and easy. The goal is to fit each hoof with little to no modification required to save farriers time and money.

Can a farrier nail through the urethane or should the urethane be predrilled?

No predrilling needed on 5 of the 6 nail locations on the Versa. 5 of the 6 nailing locations are open and for nailing. We did sneak an extra nail location in behind the clip that will need to be drilled if you choose to nail in that location.

How much material can be removed when shaping and can you grind away metal?

Roughly 3mm of material can be removed from each side (6mm total). Removing 6mm will remove both urethane and metal. This is not an issue because the shoe is designed to have both urethane and metal removed. Sides will be smooth to the touch with no sharp edges. With 6mm removed, the nailing slots are still long enough for nailing.

Can the angle of the toe side clips be changed?

The side clips are just like a traditional horseshoe. The angle of the clips can be changed with a hammer or a large pair of channel locks. We recommend making the changes slowly to avoid cracking the clips.

What is the core of the Versa made of?

Steel. The Steel used in the Versa is the same steel found in a traditional horse shoe. The front half of the shoe remains rigid and the back portion will move and flex with the hoof.

The nailing slots are “open.” What does this mean?

A  On traditional iron shoes the nailing location is roughly 10mm from the outside of the shoe. These locations are not always in the best location for the hoof. The EasyShoe Versa has an open nailing position that allows the farrier to place the nail in the precise location.

What is the difference between the EasyShoe Versa, EasyShoe Performance N/G and the EasyShoe Flex?

The EasyShoe Performance N/G is the most flexible, The EasyShoe Flex offers the most hoof support and at the same time offers flexibility. The Versa is rigid in the front half of the shoe and flexible in the rear. The Versa is designed to drop on the hoof with the least amount of modification.

What is the weight of the EasyShoe Versa Front and Hind?

A size 134mm weighs roughly 11oz. An equivalent Kerkhaert steel shoe is 14oz.

Can I remove the clips?

Yes. Use an angle grinder to slowly remove the clip. Do a little on each side until done. If you grind one side completely away without changing to the other side it can heat and damage the urethane. The EasyShoe Versa also comes in the Versa Light version that does not have clips.

Can the EasyShoe Versa be reset?

Yes. The wide web design offers exceptional wear and resets are expected.

Can studs be used in the EasyShoe Versa?

Yes. EasyCare Quick Studs can be applied for added traction. The EasyShoe Versa Grip will come with and without threaded inserts.

Can I adjust breakover?

Yes, it’s easy to rasp or grind away material for a custom breakover.