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Skin Lotion for Dogs

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Good grooming and feeding practices are the key to healthy skin, but when this is not enough, Barn Dog Skin Lotion is a proven solution for all coat types. Great for dogs and all pets with skin problems. Our skin lotion is a proven formula for skin conditions associated with dry or oily, itchy, smelly, unhealthy coats, ringworm, yeast, hot spots, mange, malassezia, and sebaceous adenitis.

Barn Dog Skin Lotion’s healing ingredients will eliminate infection growth and repair damaged skin. Simply apply to the affected area and leave on.

It is fast acting, non-messy, easy to apply, will never sting or burn and is scented with lavender essential oil. Reapply as needed.

How Equiderma Skin Lotion Works:

  • Remove excess hair from the wound area
  • Saturate the affected area with Barn Dog Skin Lotion. If dressing is required, saturate dressing with each dressing change
  • Repeat 1 time per day until the problem is resolved. No rinsing necessary


Mineral Oil, Clorhexadine, Lavender Essential Oil, Trichloromethy .2%

Ryder wouldn’t leave his feet alone. He was always running in circles, clearly in distress! It is amazing at the difference it has made just overnight. I used the lotion on his paws and he is like a dog. 1000% difference. He no longer chews on them. Thank you Barn Dog Skin Lotion!
Sue & Ryder, Michigan

*Sold in 437ml Bottle*

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