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  • Dynamint Equine Spray - 1L *NEW* Topical Wound and Skin Care Light Gray
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Dynamint Equine Spray - 1L *NEW*

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Dynamint Equine spray has many uses. It has proven effective as a leg brace and tightener, skin brace and sweat. Works very well at alleviating muscle damage, tendon strain and has excellent swelling reduction properties. This spray can also be used under leg wraps without fear of blistering or burning. Many Equine Massage Therapists are finding that Dynamint Equine spray greatly assists in their work and brings about a feeling of well being to the animals.

Dynamint Equine spray contains Peppermint Oil, known for fast relief, by its cooling action. Effective in increasing blood flow to the area sprayed, which speeds up the the healing process for sore muscles and tendons. Other ingredients include: Eucalyptus Oil which is a rubefectant and has superior skin penetrating qualities, Tea Tree Oil and Calendula Oil. Which both of these oils are natural antiseptics and emollients. The skin penetrating qualities of the spray have been improved by emulsifying the oils using natural polymers to make the product water soluble.


  • Peppermint Oil- provides the pleasant smell, soothing, numbing sensation and aids in circulation
  • Eucalyptus Oil- rubefacient and skin conditioner while providing rapid penetration of the oils into the skin
  • Tea Tree Oil- the addition of Tea Tree provides skin conditioning, soothing, disinfecting, and wound healing
  • Marigold Calendula- this extract possesses powerful repairing and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Water Emulsion- this cream is water based, so it can easily penetrate deep tissue (no alcohol). Dynamint works better and works faster.
  • Made in Canada
  • Dynamint is a Veterinary Product . Canada Veterinary Health # NN F418

    *Sold in 1L Container*

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