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Farrier Finish

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Farrier’s Finish® is a liquid hoof topical that combats the “hoof eating” bacterial and fungal.  Bacterial and fungus cause white line disease, thrush, and can create poor hoof quality. It also supports correct hoof capsule moisture balance in excessively wet or dry conditions.

Yucca plant extract is an ingredient in Farrier’s Finish®. Horses that are stabled are often exposed to stalls containing varying amounts of excrement. Urine and feces produce high levels of ammonia which is detrimental to the tissues of the hoof. Yucca plant extract binds with this ammonia, thus reducing the harmful effects on your horses hooves.

Old nail holes, hoof cracks, and poor hoof wall structure can allow microbes to invade resulting in white line disease or crumbling hoof walls. Wet environments are often associated with a bacterial infection of the sole and frog called Thrush .

Many commercial hoof products use chemicals that can destroy the protective function of the hoof. Formaldehyde, turpentine, pine tar and acetone will harden the hoof and make it shine; however, they cause the hoof to lose some of its elasticity, shock absorption, and its ability to allow oxygen to pass into the hoof capsule. A hoof wall without elasticity is more prone to cracking, and a hoof wall unable to “breathe” naturally cannot maintain healthy moisture content.

Farrier’s Finish® contains a unique blend of ingredients that defends against hoof-eating microbes while maintaining proper elasticity and shock absorption of the hoof wall. Farrier’s Finish® not only disinfects and protects the surface of the hoof, but it also penetrates deep within the hoof wall, combating microbes at the foundation of the invasion. Unlike other hoof care products, Farrier’s Finish® does not utilize harmful tar or petroleum ingredients.

    Farrier Finish Application Video

    *Sold in 473mL Bottle*