How to Measure Your Hoof Boots

Ready to try Hoof Boots but not sure your size?

We have a step by step guide to help you measure your horse to correctly fit your new boots.  We also offer Fit Kits for the different style of boots we offer.  Here are at Horse Gear Canada, we want your horse to be happy with their new boots as well as you.  That is why we offer the free Sizing Fit Kits, are happy to answer any questions you may have and have with this fitting page.  

Each Boot is measured in its own way.  For that reason, when looking at how to measure your boots, go with product guide listed below.

How to Measure Your Scoot Boots:

Important Tips For Using The Scoot Boot Sizing Chart:

  • We recommend measuring your boots in mm or converting the measurements you took from inches to mm before referencing sizing chart
  • The sizing chart is designed to be referenced right after a fresh trim (measure no more than 2 weeks out from last trim) but the sizing chart is calibrated to account for some growth between trims
  • The sizing chart measurements ranges are designed to reflect the size of a hoof with a correct barefoot trim
  • Sizes chart increases in 5mm (3/16”) increments
  • Horses with perfectly round hooves will work in both Regular and Slim sizes with the Slims serving as a half size between the Regulars 

What If My Horse Doesn't Fit In One Of The Size Ranges?

  • We highly recommend using our sizing kit - Scoot Boots work well on many hoof shapes. We want the best fit for your horse though and often you'll need to try a few sizing shells to see exactly which size will work best for your horse.  We have Horse Size Fitting Kit and Mini Size Fitting Kit available.
  • General rule: select the smaller boot size if you are between the size measurements. For example, if your hoof length measurement is between 121mm (4 13/16”) and 124mm (4 15/16") long, select the hoof measurement of 120mm  (4 3/4”) on the chart meaning you would need size 3.
  • For hooves that are different sizes: If your horse's two hooves have slightly different measurements (i.e. one hoof is in between sizes). You will need to select the boot size that matches the largest hoof measurement. However, if one hoof is a full size smaller, you can purchase Scoot Boots in singles to do a mix-matched set.  Single boots are special order, but we are happy to do that for your horse!
  • For WIDE hooves: If your horse’s hooves are 10mm (3/8") wider than long, you need to select the size from the ‘maximum’ width measurement, not length measurement. For example, if your hoof length is 115mm (4 1/2") and width is 125mm (4 3/4"), you select boot size 3. However, if your horse's hooves are wider than long, you may have excess flare that should be addressed by your farrier. Excess flare may cause the sizing to be off as the measurements of the bottom of the hoof will not reflect the overall size of the hoof. Due to this, we recommend using a sizing kit to determine the best size.

How to Measure Your Horse Hoof:

Hooves Harder to Fit for Scoot Boots:

  • For Wide hoovesIf the hoof width exceeds the hoof length by more than 10mm (3/8"), then Scoot Boots may not be suitable for your horse. We've had good success fitting Scoot Boots to these extra wide hooves, but the sizing shells are necessary to determine which size will work best in cases like wider hooves.
  • For NARROW hooves: If the hoof length exceeds the hoof width by more than 10mm (3/8") then Scoot Boots may not be suitable for your horse and you would need to using sizing shells to determine if they will work for your horse.
  • For UNDER RUN or HIGH HEELED hooves: Most likely Scoot Boots will not be suitable.  If you are unsure, the sizing shells will confirm best fit without the hassle of worrying if the boot you purchased will not work for your horse.
  • Please Note: Scoot Boots are not guaranteed to stay secure on some hoof shapes. Only way to fully know if Scoot Boots fit, are to use the Sizing Shells.

Scoot Boot Measuring Chart:


How to Measure Your Scoot Boots Glue-Ons:

Scoot Boot Skins are Glue-Ons Boots.  They are measured with the same concept as the Scoot Boots, but they have their own Sizing Chart to give you the correct sizing for your horses hooves.

**Please Note: At this time, we do not have a Sizing Kit for Glue-on shoes.** 

Scoot Boot Skins - Glue-On Measuring Chart: