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  • Easycare Glove/Back Country Fitting Shells Hoof Boot Accessories Dark Slate Gray
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  • Easycare Glove/Back Country Fitting Shells Hoof Boot Accessories Wheat
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Easycare Glove/Back Country Fitting Shells

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The ideal tool for determining proper sizing for the Easyboot Glove, Glue-On and Back Country.

The Fit Kit allows you to fit your horse's hooves before purchasing boots. Get the best fit possible without the inconvenience of buying and returning boots. The EasyCare Fit Kit lets you try three different sized boot shells - one in the size you specify, one a half size larger, and one a half size smaller. For example, if you order a size 2 Fit Kit, you will receive sizes 1.5, 2, and 2.5.

Fitting the Easyboot Glove and Easyboot Glue-On:

The Easyboot Glove and Easyboot Glue-On are lightweight and simple. These styles require a snug fit - selecting the correct size is essential for these form-fitting boots. Each shell has only four millimeters of difference between sizes – this is equivalent to the width of three dimes. These boots are best suited for horses on a four week or shorter trim cycle or horses that have maintenance rasping between professional trims. Use of a rubber mallet is recommended for application of the Easyboot Glove and Easyboot Glue-On.

Fitting the Easyboot Back Country:

Although the size chart for the Easyboot Back Country is the same as the Easyboot Glove, the fit does not need to be as snug. Customers who are unable to use the Easyboot Glove due to length of trim cycle or lack of hand strength should consider the Easyboot Back Country. If your horse is on a trim cycle longer than four weeks, we recommend using a half size larger than the snug fit required for the Easyboot Glove. Sizing up a half size also allows for ease of application.

Is this Boot Right for You?

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Information Videos:

EasyCare Fit Kit Instruction Video

Application Guide:

EasyCare Glove/Back Country PDF Application Guide Here


*Make sure to measure in millimeters for the EasyCare Glove/Back Country Fitting Shells.*

Measuring in inches and converting to millimeters will render the measurement process inaccurate. Your measurements will determine which size Fit Kit you need.

Important Return Instructions:

PLEASE NOTE: The Fit Kit(s) must be returned to Horse Gear Canada WITHIN 30 DAYS from date of order. Boots are to be returned clean and in same condition.  If we do not receive the Kit(s) back, clean and in good condition, your card will be charged for the retail price of items in Kit(s) and a handling fee. Depending on the Kit(s), the charge could range from $40.00 up to $120.00. PLEASE RETURN KIT(S) WITHIN THE 30 DAY RENTAL TIME

*Sold Individually*


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Bonita Bott

Easycare Glove/Back-Country Fitting Shells

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Easycare Glove/Back-Country Fitting Shells

Penny Roger
Great Servie

My order arrived in just a couple of days and the owner has been very helpful in answering my questions about finding the right hoof boots.