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  • Farriers Choice Dispensing Gun - 210cc Hoof Care Tools Dark Slate Gray
  • Farriers Choice Dispensing Gun - 210cc Hoof Care Tools Rosy Brown
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Hoof & Nail Farrier Supplies

Farriers Choice Dispensing Gun - 210cc

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The Farriers Choice 210cc Cartridge Dispensing Gun is easy to operate.

No farrier wants to struggle when dealing with a 1200lbs+ animal. That makes this a must have accessory in any Farriers kit, as it offers hassle free dispensing and it has long lasting durability.

Farriers Choice Dispensing Gun works with cartridges of the 210ml varieties like the Equi-Pak Pour In Pad, Farriers Choice Hoof Packing and Equi-Thane Adhere.


  • High quality urethanes, each batch produced with consistency and precision eliminating variation between cartridges
  • Larger mixer to elevate back pressure when dispensing
  • Larger 210 ml cartridge to help with larger pours
  • Heavy duty robust cartridge to prevent cracking or splitting
  • Double lip-sealing piston with EPDM o-ring to help cartridges from leaking from the rear
  • Separated outlets on the cartridge to prevent cross contamination of your two materials
  • Heavy duty bayonet ring to keep mixer from breaking away from cartridge
  • Heavy duty dispensing gun with snap clip cradle for snug cartridge nesting
  • Removable and resealable nose plug to allow simple resealing of cartridge when not in use

Additional Application Tools:

  • Tips are sold separately Here

*Sold Individually*

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