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  • Galloping Goop Detangling Spray 5-in-1 Silicone Free Topical Wound and Skin Care Light Gray
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Galloping Goop

Galloping Goop Detangling Spray 5-in-1 Silicone Free

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Galloping Goop Detangling 5 N' 1 Spray is used to treat your horse's coat, from mane to tail. This spray is practical and allows the De-Tangling 5 N' 1 Spray to be applied evenly and economically to your horses' coats and farm animals. 

Galloping Goop De-Tangling 5 N' 1 Spray is a leave-in conditioner to spray on your horse's coat or other farm animal. It is very effective for working on thick, coarse coats and horsehair that are matted or knotted. Its gentle formula makes it ideal for all skin types.

Benefits for Your Pet's Skin and Coat:

  • Strengthens coat and skin health
  • Protects and nourishes in depth
  • Reduces breakage thanks to its moisturizing active ingredients
  • Adds shine and luster from root to tip
  • Allows a pleasant grooming and easy disentangling

The De-Tangling 5 N' 1 Spray's milky formula helps you to effectively work the coarse, tangled or knotted hair. Its formula is rich in aloe vera and vitamin E to take care of the skin and coat. It moisturizes, repairs, brightens, softens and protects your pets' coat, leaving them with a pleasant and fresh scent.

As with all of our Galloping Goop products, this nourishing detangler is cosmetic-grade, chemical-free, non-toxic and biodegradable.

This professional product sets itself apart from the competition by the use of high-end, silicone-free ingredients. This SILICONE FREE formula allows you to use it from head to toe without the risk of your gear slipping.

It makes brushing and grooming comfortable for your horse and allows you a moment of relaxation with your companion!

Get the best results by using all products from Galloping Goop's unique three-step process. Our degreasers, shampoosconditioners and detanglers have been designed to complement each other and work in synergy. Need a quick clean at shows? Our Rinse-Free Shampoo Wipes are there when you need them!

*Sold in 700mL Bottles*

Customer Reviews

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Connie KING
Amazing product that works wonders

This is an amazing product, not oily at all.. takes tangles out instantly... must have for everyone.. will be a repeat buyer... love this product