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Hoof Armor

Hoof Armor Starter Kit

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The Hoof Armor® Starter Kit contains a 4:1 dispenser, a 50 ml cartridge of Hoof Armor, eight (8) turbo mix nozzles, two rubber gloves and detailed written instructions.  One Hoof Armor 50 ml cartridge should coat eight (8) saddle size horse hooves.

Hoof Armor hoof protection is an easily applied adhesive coating that farriers and horse owners alike can utilize to protect their barefoot horse’s hooves against abrasion and wear.

Unlike horseshoes, Hoof Armor is designed to help strengthen your horse's hooves, rather than weaken them. Like the natural varnish coating the hoof naturally secretes on the top of the hoof, Hoof Armor coats the bottom with a flexible thin layer to retain the hoof’s internal moisture keeping hooves healthy in any environment.

Unlike horseshoes, Hoof Armor protects the sole of the hoof which is the part that gets stone bruised. The thickness of the hoof sole is the key to stone insensitivity.

Unlike metal horseshoes, plastic horseshoes or boots, Hoof Armor is more flexible than the hoof itself and will not restrict the hoof’s natural expansion and contraction.

Unlike horseshoes where the shoes are nailed on every six weeks or so and the hooves are not maintained in the interim, Hoof Armor is part of a hoof maintenance plan that includes proper trimming and conditioning of the hoof just like one would do for the rest of the horse.


Hoof Armor Application Video

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*Sold in Individual Kits*

Customer Reviews

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Dale St. Hilaire
Hoof Armor

Great help from Sarah, even called her after with a few questions and she was very helpful

Natasha B
horse armor is great stuff!!!

scary looking kit but great explanation and pictures in the instructions and I got it done! worked better than anything I have tried so far for barefoot protection

Hoof armour/great service

Fast shipping, thank you!!