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Hoof Doctor

Hoof Doctor - Liquid

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Hoof Doctor - liquid is a unique & premium product based on Birch Bark Extract with Organic Oils, including Omega 3, Vitamins A & D, for Professional Care of Horses’ Hooves! The Birch Bark Extract and Betulin in Hoof Doctor aid in the fight against bacteria and pathogens present on the hoof with consistent application.

For feet that are having issues such as thrush, white line etc. the Birch Bark Extract will help to eliminate bacteria and pathogens present on the foot. It additionally helps to create a clean environment not conducive to bacterial growth as a preventative measure on healthy feet.

The whole formula, additionally, helps to maintain healthy moisture levels in the foot. What that means is that it helps both super soft and super hard hooves to bring them back into normal balance.

And lastly, the anti-inflammatory properties provided by Betulin will help with sensitive hooves and any hoof issues where inflammation is present.

Here are a few issues we have seen the product really help with:

  • Thrush
  • Abscesses
  • Whiteline/Seedy Toe
  • Hoof Wall Cracks
  • Quarter Crack Corn
  • Sole Bruises

Helps to protect, prevent and maintain your horses hooves. Comes with a quality brush for easy application. 

We recommend a daily application of at least a week for acute and inflamed issues and 2-3 times per week for prevention and maintenance. Hoof Doctor - Putty can be used interchangeably with Hoof Doctor - Liquid and together.


How to Use: Toe Cracks Video

How to Use: Separation Video

How to Use: Abscess Video

How to Use: Thrush Video


In all cases involving hoof conditions, diseases, or injuries, your veterinarian along with your farrier are your best sources for information about your horse and your particular circumstances.

DO NOT FREEZE (34ºF / 1ºC minimum)

  • Keep out of reach children and pets
  • Not for human or consumptions
  • Avoid contact with eyes and excessive breathing. In case of contact immediately flush eye with plenty of water

*Sold in 473mL Container*

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Hoof Doctor - Liquid

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