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  • EasyCare Delux Stowaway Cantle Saddle Bag in Black
  • Deluxe Stowaway Stowaway Dark Gray
  • EasyCare Delux Stowaway Cantle Saddle Bag in Purple
  • Deluxe Stowaway Stowaway Dark Slate Gray
  • Deluxe Stowaway Stowaway Dark Gray
  • Deluxe Stowaway Stowaway Steel Blue
  • Deluxe Stowaway Stowaway Dark Slate Gray
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Deluxe Stowaway

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The Deluxe Stowaway is made to fit most Western, English or Endurance Saddles. 

This Model also works with our Sensation Ride™ Saddles (Chinook, Hybrid Trail, Classic Dressage and Dressage Trail), but only attached to the front with a little jimmy rigging.

Stowaway line has the most advanced innovation in “no-bounce” saddle pack design to help reduce any effects to your horse while carrying your essential items.  Several compartments allow for better organization and quick, easy access to what you need when you need it. Superior durable fabric and heavy-duty adjustment systems make these packs the most durable, user-friendly pack you'll ever own.


  • 9 zippered easy-access compartments to organize and store essentials
  • Carry up to four #2 Easyboots, Easyboot Epics or Easyboot Gloves, or two #8 Easyboot Trails or extra water bottles
  • Nylon straps are adjustable with reinforced tabbed ends for tying down a coat or securing contents
  • Large compartments are designed to hold all of your on-the-go necessities
  • Side pouches can hold extra water bottles or horse boots

*Sold Individually*

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Shannon Glasheen

Love this saddle pack. Perfect for a long day out, easily holds essentials, with plenty of room for extras. Doesn't flap around at a trot or canter. Well built, but lightweight so that it stays low profile. I compared this and the Slim version, this one seemed more useful as you have the option of taking more, and it still stays snug to the saddle. Really appreciate the knowledgeable customer service at Horse Gear Canada.

Christa Neufeld

Deluxe Stowaway

Paula Horner
Deluxe Stowaway

Very nice material. The brown colour is nice. I was hoping for one or more larger pockets. It has all small pockets.