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  • EasyShoe 3D *NEW* Hoof Care Gray
  • EasyShoe 3D *NEW* Hoof Care Gray
  • EasyShoe 3D *NEW* Hoof Care Dim Gray
  • EasyShoe 3D *NEW* Hoof Care Light Slate Gray
  • EasyShoe 3D *NEW* Hoof Care Dark Olive Green
  • EasyShoe 3D *NEW* Hoof Care Dark Gray
  • EasyShoe 3D *NEW* Hoof Care Dim Gray
  • EasyShoe 3D *NEW* Hoof Care Steel Blue
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EasyShoe 3D *NEW*

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The EasyShoe 3D is a composite glue-on horseshoe designed for track and arena sports. The EasyShoe 3D is integrated with frog support by 3D HoofCare and finger tabs for easy gluing.

Simply stand the horse in the horseshoe and apply the tabs using Super Glue. No welding required. It's easy to rasp or grind away material for a custom breakover.

EasyShoe 3D can stay on for a full trim cycle (4-6+ weeks) and It is typical to get 1-2 resets per pair. New 11 Finger Tabs can be welded on for a reset.

Available in both front and hind patterns.

Compatible With:

11 Finger Tabs (For Resets)

Application Tools Needed:

EasyShoe Quick Set Super GluePlastic WrapEasyShoe Insta-Set Super Glue Accelerator

EasyShoe 3D Application Videos:

EasyShoe 3D Introduction Video

EasyShoe Hoof Prep: Tips and Tricks Video

EasyShoe 3D Application Video

EasyShoe 3D How to Remove Finger Tabs for a Reset Video

EasyShoe 3D How to Clean Tabs for a Reset Video

EasyShoe 3D How to Create a Snug Fit with 11 Finger Tabs Video


*Sold in Pairs*

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Great service

The shoes are excellent and the customer service exceeds all expectations. Very glad Horse Gear Canada is in business.