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  • Galloping Goop Degreaser - 8oz Topical Wound and Skin Care Dark Slate Blue
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Galloping Goop

Galloping Goop Degreaser - 8oz

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The ultimate small-sized cleaning product for your horse.

Galloping Goop Equine Degreaser Cleaner is specially formulated to effectively clean your horse's coat and skin while preserving its natural oils.

Its gentle yet effective cleaning ability makes it ideal for tackling stains on your pet's coat, while deeply cleaning skin and pores. It overcomes yellow and encrusted stains.

The low-foaming action of the cleanser rinses off easily. This prevents product build-up and over-rinsing which can remove natural oils. The degreasing cleanser works in depth to work right into the pores of the horsehair.

It does not dry out the skin, is silicone and chemical free, non-toxic and biodegradable with a balanced PH for your horses and keeping them healthy.

For best results, we recommend following with Galloping Goop Shampoo and Conditioner. The conditioner is a key step in closing the pores opened during the action of the degreasing cleanser.

Instructions for use:

  1. Always apply a thin layer to the dry coat.
  2. Let sit for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse lightly.
  3. Leave a little of the wet product in the coat and rub again the entire surface to be cleaned in order to spread the product well.
  4. Rinse. The results are most marked with lukewarm water.

Instructions Video:

Galloping Goop Degreaser Instruction Video

Get the best results by using all products from Galloping Goop's unique three-step process. Our Degreasers, ShampoosConditioners and Detanglers have been designed to complement each other and work in synergy. Need a quick clean at shows? Our Rinse-Free Shampoo Wipes are there when you need them!

*Sold in 8oz Bottles*

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