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EasyShoe Versa Grip

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Hoof Pattern

The Versa Grip features an aggressive, long-wearing, thicker profile with a deeper tread pattern molded from a durable urethane. Pre-angled, integrated clips, 12 nail options, and debris guard. The EasyShoe Versa combines options with affordability. It is the most advanced nail-on urethane horse shoe and has a long list of features with an attractive price point.

The EasyShoe Versa is the most versatile urethane shoe for endurance, trail, rehab, police, and sport horses. Lightweight, at 30% less than iron shoes. Front and hind patterns designed to fit with limited modifications. Features more nailing options and no need to pre-drill nailing locations. Stronger, more traditional clips. Adjustable breakover.

Enjoy the benefits of a barefoot horse without having to apply and remove the boot each time you ride. The EasyShoe allows the hoof to naturally expand and contract, both laterally and vertically. Manufactured with the latest in polyurethane technology, the EasyShoe dramatically reduces concussion on hard surfaces, yet offers maximum durability and longevity. The open sole design assures complete breathability of the sole and frog.

The EasyShoe has already excelled on the flat track and in the endurance, dressage, and sport horse disciplines. The EasyShoe may also be used to help offset chronic symptoms of thin hoof walls, sensitive heels, quarter cracks, and slow hoof growth.

Comes in both front and hind patterns.

EasyShoe Versa Grip Compatible With:

11 Finger Tabs, Sticky Finger Tabs, EasyTabs, Quick Studs, Versa Grip Rocker, Versa Grip Wedge, Versa Grip Plug

EasyShoe Versa Grip Application Tools Needed:

Nails or Bond Glue or Acrylic Glue (Equi-Thane Adhere), Glue Dispensing Gun, Mixing Tips, Plastic Wrap, Hoof Buffy with Attachment, Hoof Buffy Refill

EasyShoe Versa Grip Information Videos:

EasyShoe Versa Grip Lineup Information Video

EasyShoe Versa Grip Information Video

EasyShoe Versa Grip PDF Application Guide:

EasyShoe Versa Grip PDF Application Guide Here


*Ideally, your horse's hoof measurements should fall on the lower end of the range of width measurements, and be no longer than the length measurement listed next to each shoe size. For example, a hoof that would fit well into the 110F would measure 104-106mm wide and less than 122mm long. If necessary, it is simple to trim down any extra width or length of the shoe to customize the fit for your horse. 

*Sold in Pairs*

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